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Is there a Delivery fee ?

We offer free delivery over $150 spent.
Orders below $150 will incur a delivery fee of $15.

Do you ship international ?

Not at the moment just islandwide in Singapore but we will be expanding soon.

How long do orders take to ship ?

Most orders ship within 1-2 business days.
However, fulfillment may take 3-5 days pending on order volume.


How do I collect Stamps ?

On your Birthday Month, Refer a friend and by
making a purchase of $60 sgd earns you a stamp.

Does my Stamps expire ?

Yes, points expire after 12 months of account
inactivity. To remain active, you must earn or redeem points.

I referred a friend but did not receive my award, Why ?

Your friend must make their first purchase using
your referral link in order to receive your Stamp, Be sure to remind your
friend to make their purchase !


Are Strictly Nuts products halal ?

No, our products are not halal-certified.
However, we do not bring in any Strictly Nuts products with alcohol or gelatin.

Are Strictly Nuts products suitable for vegetarians ?

Prior to making a purchase, kindly assess the ingredients list provided on the product page to ensure its suitability for your consumption.

Allergy Information

Are Strictly Nuts products suitable for those with allergies ?

Prior to purchasing, kindly evaluate the ingredients list on the product page to determine if it is suitable for your consumption, especially if you have allergies.

Care and Storage

How long will Strictly nuts product keep their fresh taste ?

strictly nuts product will maintain freshness after opening if stored at 12 to 18°C with relative humidity between 50% to 70%
for up to 2 weeks, and avoid direct sunlight. customer shall refer to the storage condition and expiry date labeled on the product.

How should I store the Foxnuts once opened ?

Keep foxnuts in a airtight container immediately
once open to room temperature.

why is my Foxnuts is not crunchy anymore ?

Foxnut loses its crunch easily due to its moisture contain, but you can easily pop it in the toaster for 180c for 1 minute and it will be as crispy as before.

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